What does it take to comply with requirements regarding good electrical safety?

When work is performed on an electrical facility or adjacent to electrical equipment, and such work could entail a hazard, you are subject to the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board’s regulations and must comply with the requirements set out in the Swedish Electrical Safety Act (2016:732). If your organisation performs work that is deemed to constitute electrical installation work, such as the repair, installation or disconnection of a piece of equipment that is permanently connected to an electrical facility, you are required to operate your own self-audit scheme. As a facility owner you are always responsible for ensuring that the facility is safe and that there is a documented organisation that meets the requirements regarding good technical electrical safety practice. The responsibility your company has, and how you should organise your work, depends on your specific circumstances. What needs to be considered in order to create a good safety culture and ensure good electrical safety? Which statutory requirements are you subject to, and how should you organise and document your work? Contact us – we will be delighted to help you answer the key questions! With our extensive practical experience, we can help you create good, documented procedures. We can support you in your implementation of new work methods, and we can also provide relevant training for your staff.

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Electrical safety