Mobile sampling station for process wastewater

Mobile sampling station for measurement and sampling of process wastewater. The assignment covered process design and project management as well as management of the work involving the verification of samples in order to map the composition of the process wastewater.

The assignment also included an analysis of the current situation in order to clarify the dimensioning conditions. The process design has been performed on the basis of this analysis of the current situation. Continuous measurement of flow, volume, pH and temperature takes place in the plant that has been built. The measurement data is collected and logged in a database. There is also an automatic sampler that takes flow-proportional samples of the process wastewater, as well as a cistern for separating fat and particles. In order to achieve a short and cost-effective implementation process, the equipment has been placed in a 20 foot container.

Mattias Roth, project manager for the project, comments as follows: “In this project we have combined our expertise in environmental engineering and process design. The challenge in this project has been the limited amount of dimensioning data and the tight schedule. One
of the aims of the project has been to collect data that enables the client to assess the need for measures and the dimensions of such measures.”

Part of the assignment has been the compilation and analysis of the data collected. The project is part of the client’s work involving a permit application for an environmental permit. Qestio has also provided the client with assistance in the permit process.